Find Your Perfect Piece: Explore Our Collection of New & Unique Pre-Owned Jewellery

Are you in search of the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one? Look no further!

At all our branches, we proudly offer an extensive selection of exquisite jewellery. From one-of-a-kind, new, or even a pre-owned piece with a story already worn into them, we have something for every style and budget.

Prices on our range of beautiful jewellery are less than you would expect, especially when comparing prices with high-street retailers.

Whether you are looking for 9, 14, 18 or 22 carat gold, fine diamonds, a heavy gold bracelet or chain, we will within your budget, do as much as we can to offer you the best deal possible.

What we have on offer

From 9 carat to 22 carat gold diamond rings

Fine diamonds

Heavy gold bracelets (wrist and ankle)

Gold chains and gold necklaces


Sterling silver rings and necklaces

Luxury watches

Luxury Watches Without Luxury Price Tags

Our exquisite range of pre-owned luxury watches have all been expertly appraised.

We offer great value on Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and many more prestigious brands.


Lay-by Made Easy: Shop Now and Pay Later!

Our jewellery lay-by payment option is ideal when it comes to buying that perfect piece. All you need do, is make a deposit payment on the item and the branch will store the item away. Your receipt will include payment details of remaining balance and lay-by expiry date. Need to buy a gift? It’s never been easier than with our easy lay-by options!

Our lay-by options are flexible
Payments can be made whenever it suits you and can be paid off as much as you can afford. There may be a particular date by which you would like to finish the lay-by. If so, chat about it with one of our staff who will happily assist you with your plans.

All we need to hold onto the item, is for customers to make the minimum required payment. If for any reason you struggle to make a payment, just pop into your branch to discuss our lay-by options.

As with all things loved, we want to see our gorgeous jewellery go to a good home and we believe that home is yours!