About Us

Nathan & Co is a well-known family business that has been proudly serving local communities with exquisite jewellery and pawnbroking services for more than 40 years.

During this time, Nathan & Co has built an impressive reputation by offering clients complete personal attention, trust and understanding.

Our long-standing presence in the market ensures that we understand the diverse needs and circumstances of our customers, allowing us to provide tailored loan options for every situation.

It may sometime happen, when unexpected financial needs crop up, that traditional borrowing options are not always available or suitable. Nathan & Co is able to offer alternative and safe solutions, to help meet your immediate financial needs.

We offer cash lending services secured on the value of your jewellery, providing flexible choices of how much you can borrow, and we will advise you on repayment options most suited to your needs.

Our unique lending offer is securely based on the value of your jewellery, which will provide quick access to funds, without requiring extensive credit checks or the need to provide other collateral.

Our jewellery-secured cash loans are:

Safe and secure

Accessible and Convenient

Flexible, determined by the value of your jewellery

Should you require any further information about our unique services, please do not hesitate to contact your local store.