Get Paid Today for Your Electronic Devices: Selling and BuyBack at Competitive Rates

BuyBack – the perfect solution to generating extra cash!

Our Buyback service is a perfect solution to temporary cash flow problems. Did you know that your items could be worth a considerable amount of money?

All you need to do is pop into one of our branches, and one of our friendly staff will check out the condition of the device. They will then make you a fair offer and your cash will be arranged and paid to you on the same day.

Your items will be safely stored for 30-days after which, you will have the choice of buying back your device.

Buy back your electronic device

Should you be ready to access the buyback before 30-days have expired, just pop into your branch and make the necessary payment and the items will be released.

Alternatively, once reaching the end of the 30-day period and you find that you need a little extra time to facilitate payment, a small fee payment will buy you an extra 30 days.

A reminder that you will need the original receipt, which will conveniently reflect the information we need, including the amount for which we bought the item.

BuyBack FAQ

What is BuyBack?
The BuyBack service is a 30 day agreement which allows you to sell your electronics and buy them back later. Purchasing your items back requires a payment of the amount you sold the item for, plus a fee.
If you are over 18 and the legal owner of the electronics you can use this service.
You will at minimum need a valid proof of address. Check with your local branch for their specific ID requirements.
You can pay just the fee to get another 30 days. Speak to the branch for more information.
Your items are prepared for sale. If you are near the end date for your BuyBack and need more time, contact your local branch and make a payment.
The most common are mobile phones, tablets, laptops and games consoles. It is possible to sell other items and you should check with the local branch what items they can take. For example branches may take TVs, digital cameras and music players.

We can accept many non-electronic items such as video games. You will need to contact your local branch for further details.

We only accept working items.
This depends on the item you would like to sell. You may get more money for your item if it’s more valuable and comes with the original packaging. You can check with your local branch by phone before you leave it at home.

3 reasons BuyBack is so popular

Loan Free

Sell your electronic device to us and buy it back when you're ready, no loan agreements necessary.

Short Term

You get 30 days to buy your item back or pay a small fee for an extra month.


We buy a wide range of electronics making it easier for you to get the cash you need, when you need it.

Getting your quote is easy

You will need to bring your device into the branch to get an accurate BuyBack Quote. If you’re not sure we can accept your item, give us a call first and we’ll let you know.