Easy Jewellery Care Tips


Looking after your jewellery is important. Over time, it can get scratched or damaged. Most of these situations can’t be helped. But there’s some simple measures you can take to ensure your jewellery is as healthy as can be. Read on to find some easy jewellery care tips.

Store your jewellery separately

When all items are stored in one place, they can get tangled or scratched and could eventually break. To prevent this, keep your jewellery in the original boxes they came in. It takes up more space and is a little annoying, but doesn’t your jewellery deserve it?

But if this is too much trouble, you can find organisers for jewellery boxes. These will help keep your necklaces, bracelets and more separate.

Don’t get your jewellery wet

Water can damage your pieces over time, so be sure to take them off before having a bath or shower. Chlorinated water has an even worse effect, so never wear jewellery when swimming!

Don’t expose jewellery to household cleaning products

The chemicals in these products can damage the items. Bleach is especially harmful to gold and silver. It’s a good idea to at least wear gloves when cleaning to protect your rings. But taking your jewellery off completely is the safest option.

Wear it appropriately

This one is quite obvious, but take off your jewellery before doing activities where pieces are more likely to get damaged. Examples are playing sports or washing up.

Apply cosmetics before putting on your jewellery

Similarly to the household cleaning products, chemicals in cosmetics can damage the metals. Put on any makeup, lotions and perfume and wait a few minutes before wearing your jewellery.

The best jewellery care you can do is regularly check your items. For example, prongs will often start to become loose. If this happens gemstones could fall out and get lost. So check your jewellery often to make sure it’s still in good condition.

Don’t let a small damage turn into something irreparable!